1. Organization Structure

  • The school head teacher or deputy head teacher shall be the patron of the clubs and the teacher that heads ICT in the school shall be the deputy patron.
  • The club is to be led by a committee of students . The committee should comprise a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, activity coordinator and publicity coordinator. An activity coordinator should be nominated from every class.
  1. Membership
  • Students from all classes are free to join the club but those from S2 to S4 have priority to join the club and the number of students who can join the club may be limited by the ICT infrastructure at the school.
  • Students joining the ICT clubs should have interest in developing practical ICT skills.


  1. 3. Club objectives
  • The students enrolled in the club shall be taught basic ICT skills by resource from the university within the vicinity of the school.
  • After the students enrolled in the club receive basic training they will be required to perform basic repairs of the faulty computers and internet connections so as to keep the computer lab fully functional at all times.
  • The students shall be expected to contribute to the maintenance of the computers labs. This involves keeping the computer labs neat and free of dust which causes damage to the computers.


  1. Club activities
  • The clubs should be kept active through regular meetings and each of the club members should be assigned a role which they account for during the meetings.
  • Club members should be motivated to remain a part of the club through award of certificates for most motivated members so as to show appreciation and also motivate more students to join the club.
  • The club patrons should oversee the organization of events to showcase innovation by the students in the ICT clubs. The most innovative students may be rewarded so as to keep them motivated and also encourage other members to come up with more brilliant innovations.
  • Knowledge sharing sessions should be organized where the most knowledgeable members of the club train the rest of the school and even community members in basic computer skills
  • The ICT clubs should develop an intranet site for the school and ensure that it has updated information about the school. The site may also have a section which shows club activities and upcoming events among other things. The site maybe hosted on the internet using services of free website hosting providers.
  • All of the club activities should be documented for future reference, learning and sharing. Evaluation of the clubs’ progress should be conducted regularly.


  1. We darely need computers, we have the club but we are teaching students theory computer leassons only. Please help us.
    Headteacher Abia Seed SS, Alebtong

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