Tooling and Retooling ICT Teachers

Eastern-Region-Tooling-and-Retooling-2018-Report (109 downloads) There is an effort to retool and get the best teachers to teach ICT and Computer studies at Ordinary and Advanced Level Ugandan Schools by the Ministry of Education and Sports with the financial support of the Rural Communications Fund, an organ of Uganda Communications Commission. KAWA Uganda which has an MoU with the Ministry of Education to promote teacher Professional Development through technology has been selected to implement the tooling and retooling process on regional basis.

KAWA has categorized the ICT teachers into three. One category is of those who were initially trained to teach other subjects such as CRE, History or Political Education among other subjects with no training in ICT. These category therefore needs support and retooling in ICT in a detailed form.

The second category of those who did Computer Science and high specialized computer courses at Diploma or Degree level but with no teacher Education background. This group needs support in Pedagogy, curriculum and general teaching methods; and last category of those who were purely trained and qualified as ICT teachers (usually few in number) who need support in change of attitude and refresher courses to follow the modern trends of teaching and learning.

Starting with the 5 day workshop to be held at Mbale SS in May 2018, there are a series of workshops to be held at District level meant for ICT teachers in the above categories.

KAWA is using the computers provided by the government in 1034 government Secondary schools in supporting Primary and Secondary schools to integrate appropriate ICTs through a wide variety of education projects that cover areas such as in-service teacher training through blended learning approach, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), the creation of local Digital Educational Content and development of teaching materials, as well as use of ICT for career guidance and efficiency in administration. See the report below

Eastern-Region-Tooling-and-Retooling-2018-Report (109 downloads)

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