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1.   Student ICT help desk (First Term)

Ø  Troubleshooting software problems

Ø  Fixing basic hardware issues

Ø  Student and teacher technical support

Ø  Installation of application software and operating systems e.g. Windows, Linux etc.

Ø  Introduction and installation of Open office software

Ø  Different Storage media

Ø  Burning of data/Music/Videos on CDs or DVDs

2.   The Networking and Internet Basics (First Term)

Ø  Basic Concepts of Computer Networks

Ø  Identifying the use of various network equipment i.e. RJ45 cables, switches, routers, etc.

Ø  Connecting a computer to the internet

Ø  Connecting to a computer network

Ø  Fixing internet connectivity issues

Ø  Identifying the IP address of a computer

Ø  Basic use of command prompt e.g. pinging of different IP addresses

Ø  Trouble shooting a computer to identify LAN/Internet faults and how to solve them

3.   Internet Services and Applications (Second Term)

Ø  Information Search on the Internet

Ø  Analysis of Information Sources

Ø  Internet Services including use of email services

Ø  Streaming Technology on the Internet

Ø  E-learning and Introduction to MOOCs

Ø  Online Entertainment

Ø  Impact of ICT on the Society

Ø  Use of social media (Skype, Twitter, Facebook, etc..)

4.    Using Web Authoring Tools (Second Term)

Ø  Constructing Simple Web Pages

Ø  Constructing Lists and Tables

Ø  Manipulating Frames

Ø  Embedding Multimedia Elements

Ø  Using Style Sheets

Ø  Creating Fill-out Forms

Ø  Manipulating Browser Windows

Ø  Creating Special Effects

Ø  Publishing a Web Site

Ø  Exercises and Discussion of HW

5.   Other Club Activities (Third Term)

Ø  School computer science magazine

Ø  Communication and Presentation skills

Ø  Introduction to software development

·         Basic programming in either C, C++, Java, Python etc.

·         Basics of Android and IOS

Ø  Digital Editing

·         Avatar and animation creation

·         Design brochures and invoices

·         Technology bulletin board and school news editing

·         Digital story making

Ø  Blogging

Ø  Note: Students should be informed of educational websites offering free online courses that can improve their ICT skills. Such websites include;




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