This is the first ICT Clubs bulletin produced by KAWA to for Uganda Communications Commission, highlighting the success stories by students in the 20 schools where the ICT clubs are being piloted. This particular issue covers the launch activities, projects being done by Schools, the best ways of using the Samsung Galaxy tablets offered by Opportunity to the schools, the skype session and the results of the Patrons workshop held at Makerere University Business School

Between 18th June and 18th July, 2018 a team of KAWA members traversed the country reaching out to each of the 20 secondary schools. The KAWA team which included Chole Richard, Nicholas Kugonza, Saadah Nasuna, Albert Emuron and Rogers Mukalele delivered talks and engaged in conversations with some of the club members. Some of the students enthusiastically shared their learning project works that they already were embarking on. We are grateful to Engineer Paul Charles Rukundo, the KAWA Executive Director for the guidance; Phillip Mweheirwe, the UCC Senior Projects Manager; Hon. Nyombi Thembo, the RCDF Director for moral and financial support.

The KAWA team handed to each club about 100 TShirts branded in UCC logos, and a pair of Samsung Galaxy tablets donated by UCC for implementing club activities.

The pilot project is UCC’s long term commitment to supporting clubs in maintenance and basic repairs of computers and accessories in their respective schools.
However KAWA’s mandate goes beyond maintenance and repair to building capacity in the participating learners to utilize ICT to leverage 21 st century learning practices and make ICT more relevant in their lives and education.

Key objectives outlined are:

  • Building in the students the skills of using ICT more effectively and responsibly.
  • Building communication skills and confidence in the learners  Enabling creativity and innovation
  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving mentality
  • Being able to integrate ICT in mainstream disciplines, other clubs and schools’ activities for learning purposes.
  • Engaging learners in programs and activities that develop a sense of global citizenship
  • Being able to purposefully network, collaborate and work as a team.
  • Becoming peer learners that guide and support fellow students in learning and effective use of ICT in education.
  • Empowering learners to address real issues affecting their communities and finding solutions to them through innovative learning projects.
  • Developing a sense of ownership of and taking part in maintenance of equipment of their respective ICT departments.
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3 thoughts on “KAWA Launches the First ICT Clubs Bulletin

  1. This is really inspiring and iam very glad that I happened to be part of it though now sadly am done with highschool but still am commited to keep giving sup port to my fellow ICT club members at my school in kabale bishop kivengere girls school muyebe…KAWA has left a big impact on me and iam very sure that I will never be the same again.I really love to keep in touchurch with you guys even now that am done with highschool.

  2. This is a good beginning to get learners into project design and implementation as well as a project based method of teach ingredients the 21st century skills.

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