UCC-RCDF to Launch ICT clubs in Gulu

The Uganda Communications Commission through the Rural Communications Development Fund will launch two ICT clubs in Acholi Region. The selected Schools are St. Joseph College Layibi and Gulu High School. The project is being implemented in partnership with KAWA and the Ministry of Education and Sports.

This is a major project which is being piloted in to schools before rolling it out to the rest of the schools. UCC is providing 2 Samsung Galaxy tabs loaded with internet for students’ projects. KAWA team led by Chole Richard and Nasuna Saadah will deliver the tabs, Tshirts and hold a one day training at Gulu High School for students.

According to Hon. Nyombi Thembo, the current RCDF director, these clubs will create a total transformation in Secondary Schools by empowering learners towards critical thinking and innovation.

Uganda has a very young population nurtured by an education system that belongs more to the industrial revolution times than the 21st century. The schools’ teaching and learning process is very much driven by the need for kids to pass their tests and examinations than a lifelong zeal to learn. Classroom experiences are controlled as a privilege of the teacher around whom everything in the class evolves. The examination addresses cognitive low order thinking that leaves the learners unprepared for the rigors of the job market and the other fast-changing global demands. These are recipes for stagnation of a nation. What Uganda therefore needs is a robust education system that challenges itself to meet these 21st century demands using 21st century tools, methodologies and mentalities. The country requires an education driven by creativity and innovation to match the national and global challenges and opportunities.

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