Following the launch of Uganda Communications Commission– RCDF ICT Clubs in the whole Country by KAWA, it was found necessary to create a dynamic website for collaboration and sharing of success stories from the schools.

On this website, each school will have a page where they will upload their photos, videos and reports without going through the Site admin. All the names of the club members and photos are expected to be included such that the UCC Monitoring and evaluation department will easily know who talk to about the impact of the club in the school on the side of learners.

We are therefore seeking for updates from the clubs in terms of activities they are doing, students’ participation in lab maintenance and equipment maintenance, success stories, challenges, and sharing of programs and activities for 2019 and beyond.

Students of Mary Hill High School, Mbarara posing for a photo during the club follow up.

KAWA was mandated by government to support the clubs in all ways from inception to the time they will be ready to stand on their own. During the launch workshops, KAWA focused on the background, aims and objectives of the launch, challenges and opportunities in the 21st century and their implications for students, employability – hard and soft skills, avenues for impact for the clubs, tips for forming clubs, tips for successfully running a club, possible club activities, innovative learning project ideas, skills areas for club members for learn.

Handing over of pair of tablets and T-shirts donated by Uganda Communications’ Commission, Recording feedback from a few club learner and Photo/video coverage of the event.

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