Bushenyi District is a district in Western Uganda. Like many other Ugandan districts, it is named after its ‘chief town’, Bushenyi, where the district headquarters are located.

Bushenyi District is bordered by Rubirizi District to the northwest, Buhweju District to the northeast,Sheema District to the east, Mitooma District to the south and Rukungiri District to the west. The largest town in the district, Ishaka, is located 75 kilometres (47 mi), by road, northwest of Mbarara, the largest city in the sub-region.

Education Department                                                                                  
Before the split of Bushenyi District (the Greater) the sector had a standing record of one of the best performers in the country as per Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results ranking and the reports and findings of the National Assessment for Progress in Education (NAPE).  This achievement was attributed to the unity and hard work of all Stake Holders; Political Leadership, Technical Leadership, Head teachers and Teachers, School Management Committees (SMC), Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and foundation bodies.  We salute all of them for making the sector realize that high performance level.

In the just concluded NAPE findings of the year 2009 Bushenyi District was ranked among the best perfprmers (P3-P6) in numerancy and literacy.  The challenge or carrying this mantle of excellence however lies on Bushenyi District (The new look) as it maintained the name.

We are currently adjusting on approach so as to fit in the new demand and keep the light of success burning.


Current office bearers are as follows:

  1. District Education Officer             Mr. Lukumo Norman
  2. Senior Education Officer              Mr. Mugyenyi Dan
  3. Senior Inspector of Schools          Ms. Kweyara Kanyarusoke Florence (DIS)
  4. Assistant Sports Officer               Mr. Ndyamuba Nathan
  5. Secretary to DEO                        Ms. Ainembabazi Kellen
  6. Office attendant                         Ms  Sanyu Rosette

We are currently understaffed lacking an Inspector of Schools and an Education Officer (Special Needs).


There are 127 Government Aided Primary Schools in the new Bushenyi District.  The schools are manned by a strength of 1129 trained teachers.  The schools enrolment is spread as follows:

Bumbaire 4017
Ibaare 2334
Kakanju 4144
Kyabugimbi 5980
Ruhumuro 3483
Kyamuhunga 7173
Bitooma 2441
Nyabubaare 8223
Kyeizooba 6238
Total: 44033



The shift to the teaching using the thematic curriculum approach has not been comprehended by the community.  Many think it means teaching vernacular and in vernacular thus abandoning English which we are used to as a yard stick to measure these who have gone to school.  This approach emphasizes medium of instruction being local language in the lower classes (P1-P3) and a   shift to English as medium of instruction in the upper classes (P4-P7).  At both levels the other approach allows mastery in language and understanding of concepts and content better.  Teachers have been taught how to carry out   instruction using this approach and text books have been distributed to schools by Government.


The concept of “Education for sustainable development” refers to an expanded Vision of Education guided by the principles and values of respect  for the environment and society.

CECOD-Bushenyi has in collaboration with the sector established an Echo-     schools programme addressing the issues of Environment in schools.  Echo-       schools committees have been formed in all participating schools.  A mobilization/sensitization exercise was carried out in the month of September 2010 with great success.  This exercise was carried out by the programme officer CECOD- Bushenyi and the coordinator.  The schools participating in the programme are:

  • Kabingo Model P/s                 Kyamuhunga
  • Kyamuhunga Central school   “
  • Kyeizooba P/s                         Kyeizooba
  • Rwentuha P/s                          “
  • Mungonya P/s                         “
  • Birimbi Model                         Nyabubaare
  • St. Andrews Kigoma              “
  • Nyakatooma II                        Kyabugimbi
  • Kyanyakatura Central school  Nyabubaare

The Eco-school programme is currently on course.


District Stadium- We have embarked on completion of phase 1 including construction of a drainage channel, pitches and planting grass during Fy 2010/11.

VIP LATRINES:These are being constructed under the schools facilities Grant (SFG).  The construction which started in Fy 2009/10 has been carried forward to this financial year due to challenges in the procurement as well as project implementation processes.

JAPANESE GRANT (GGP)Schools constructed under this project were completed and handed over to the communities by His Excellency Ambassador Keichi Kato of Japan.  The schools are:

  • Ryamujuni P/s in Burere
  • Kamajumba P/s in Karungu
  • Nyamutamba P/s in Kiyanga

Secondary Schools in Bushenyi District

Mayanga Progressive Secondary School Bushenyi


Tel: 0775685501

Partnership UNEB No: U1991  USE School

Mitooma Vocational Sec.School

P.O.Box 267, Bushenyi

Tel: 0782452494

Private UNEB No: U1866  Non-Use School

Ndekye Secondary School

P.O.Box 86, Bushenyi

Tel: 0782399277

Government Aided UNEB No: U0383 O’level USE School, Day

Nganwa High School


Tel: 0775685501

Government UNEB No: U0160  A’level Boys Boarding Non-Use School

Nkinga Secondary School



Government Aided UNEB No: U0566  O’level USE School, Day

Nyabubare Secondary School


Tel: 0772895048

Government Aided UNEB No: U0397 O’level USE School, Day

Nyakabanga Secondary School

P.O.Box 274, Bushenyi

Tel: 0772332821

Private UNEB No: U0937  Mixed, Partly Boarding, Non-Use School

Nyakishojwa Secondary School


Tel: 0485443647

Government Aided UNEB No: U0411 USE School Day

Nyakitoko Secondary School 

P.O.Box 113, Busheny

Tel: 0485422522

Government Aided UNEB No: U0426  O’level USE School, Day

Plus Two High School

P.O.Box 282, Bushenyi

Tel: 0772648485

Private UNEB No: U1732  Non-Use School

Ruhinda Secondary School



Government Aided UNEB No: U0333  O’level USE Schoo, Day

Ruyonza Secondary School


Tel: 0772415455

Government Aided UNEB No: U0337  A’level USE School, Mixed, Partly Boarding

Rweibaare Secondary School


Tel: 0485433646

Government Aided UNEB No: U0399 O’level USE School Day

Ryakasinga Centre for H.Education

P.O.Box 65, Bushenyi


Private Non-Use School

Ryeru School

P.O.Box 83, Bushenyi

Tel: 0772353551

Private Mixed, Partly Boarding Non-Use School

Sacred Heart  Secondary School  , Mushanga



Government Aided A Level Mixed, Boarding, Non-Use School

Sheema High School

P.O.Box 105, Bushenyi

Tel: 0772858852

Private UNEB No: U2055  Non-Use School

Sheema Premier School

P.O.Box 87, Bushenyi


Private Mixed, Partly Boarding, Non-Use School

Shuuku Vocational Secondary School

P.O.Box27, Bushenyi


Private Mixed, Partly Boarding, Non-Useschool

St. Cecilia Girls  Secondary School, Bushenyi

P.O.Box 384, Bushenyi

Tel: 0772490420

Private  UNEB No: U0472  Girls, Full Boarding, Non-Use School

St. Charles –Lwanga High School, Kashekuro

P.O.Box… Bushenyi


Government AidedUNEB No: U0639 Leve: O’level USE School, Day

St. Charles Lwanga Kitabi Vocational

P.O.Box 171, Bushenyi

Tel: 0772645345

Private UNEB No: U0940  Boys, Partly Boarding, Non-Use School

St. Francis Vol.  Secondary School, Bitooma



Partnership owned, Mixed School UNEB No: U1990 USE School

St. John’s School, Nyabwina


Tel: 0772580951

Government Aided UNEB No: U0463  O’level USE School

St. Kagwa Bushenyi High School


Tel: Not Specified

Government Aided UNEB No: U0082  A’level Boys, Boarding, Non-Use School

St. Mary’s Vocational S.S

P.O.Box 112, Bushenyi

Tel: 0727842570

Private UNEB No: U0828  Non-Use School

St. Michael  High School  Rugazi


Tel: 0772479888

Government Aided UNEB No: U0473  A’level USE School, Day

St. Noah S.S Mutara


Tel: 0772305127

Government Aided UNEB No: U0770  A’level USE School

Standard  High School  Rwentuha

P.O.Box 117, Bushenyi


Private Mixed, Day School Non-Use School

Trinity Vocational S.S

P.O.Box 309, Bushenyi


Private UNEB No: U2128 Mixed, Day School Non-Use School

Tye S.S

P.O.Box 111, Bushenyi



Private UNEB No: U1396  Non-Use School

Valley College School

P.O.Box 44, Bushenyi

Tel: 077345230

Non- USE School

Vine High School

P.O.Box 52, Bushenyi

Tel: 0772838596

Private mixed, Partly Boarding, Non-Use School